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Working together in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

My aim is to assist you on your journey to find resolution whether short or long term.

It may be relevant to explore how relationships from the past have had an influence on your perception of self and others. Working with you to assist change from negative self belief, into a more fulfilling, authentic, empowered sense of self.

I also may bring in to the sessions, how we connect to our physicality, for example, where the the body might hold emotions that have become stuck or held in negative patterns and how to safely let them go.

As Bessel van Der Kolk named in "The Body Keeps The Score"  there are ways in which we can unwind from the effects of trauma, as well as self-attacking or destructive thoughts and beliefs, to become more positive and more true to the the real self.



The process of therapy can help you work at at your own pace, to shift negative influences to more positive outcomes.

I specialise and am experienced in working with;



Panic Disorders,


Self esteem issues,


Loss and Bereavement.


All ages from 18 upwards are welcome.

I work from a peaceful garden studio on the north eastern edge of Bath near Larkhall. There is on-street parking available and it’s a two minute walk from the local bus stop.

Zoom sessions are also available.


£65 per 50 minute session

I have a couple of low income slots available, please enquire for further information.

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