Holistic refers to a philosophy where the physical, the psychological and the spiritual are interconnected and where one part cannot fully function in isolation. Healing becomes more likely as all three elements of a person approach unity and/or balance.

So, during counselling, we might explore through conversation how aspects of the past have impacted unhelpfully on us here in the present -on relationships and beliefs for example, keeping us trapped in places of difficulty.  But we will also be attentive to bodily sensations which are felt, but not yet perhaps fully understood – listening to one’s ‘gut’ intuition so-to-speak. Or we may, for example, want to discover what lies beneath a felt ‘knot’ of anxiety.  

When heartbreak feels like a physical pain, there may be a voice that has not been heard. By helping make the unmanageable easier to process, our minds and bodies can support us on the healing journey.